funny pinball t-shirt for pinball fans! And people that just love knocker!

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pinball t-shirt, funny pinball t shirt, funny pinball shirt, shirts, t-shirts, tee shirts, t shirts, pinball shirts, pin ball, pinbal, pin ball shirts, pinball t-shirts, pinball shirts, funny pinball shirts, pinball tee shirts, pinball shirts, pinball shirtGet the hilariously, funny "i love knockers" pinball t-shirt here. It's a great t-shirt for any pinball machine / arcade game fan, or any one who just loves knockers (the solenoid kind of course)! If you love playing pinball and getting a free game due to match, replay, or special, then you will love the "iloveknockers" t-shirt. Now you can show off your love and dedication for pinball in a not so politically correct way! The front of the t-shirt has the "I Love Knockers" logo on it with an image of a pinball knocker. It is attention grabbing and makes people wonder what the shirt is all about! But before anyone slaps you, be sure to show them the back! At the bottom of this page is a picture of the back of the t-shirt with the specifications and technical information about what makes up a pinball knocker. Parts like the mounting bracket and the coil plunger assembly are all there on the back of the shirt. On the very bottom below the knocker schematic it says "it's a pinball thing!" letting all non pinball people know that you love pinball. Please remember that these shirts are professionally screen printed (not a cheep iron on decal).

Quick links: Check out the comments made about the I love Knockers t-shirt - It's simple to buy the funny "i love knockers" pinball t-shirt online, or send us a check (See how, click here). Please email us with any questions about our funny pinball t-shirts at

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